Ronald Feintech, PhD

Licensed Psychologist
Sex Therapy Diplomate, AASECT

Debra Feintech, RC, CSP

Registered Counselor, Reiki Master
Certified Shamanic Practitioner

Michele Keef, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Alison Caswell, CST, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

Darryl Keil, CPC, CRC, CBEC

Certified Professional Coach, Certified Relationship Coach, Certified Bereavement Coach

Stephen Hayes, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Carolyn Bliss Branson, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Types of Therapy At The Couples Center

Individual Therapy

The reasons for choosing individual counseling are as varied as the people who come to see us. A client may desire to heal a past or current trauma, or gain insight into and learn coping skills for anxiety and depression. Some individuals want to expand their understanding of self and explore more existential questions such as, “Why am I here?” or “What is the meaning of my life?” Sometimes clients don’t feel ready for the intensity of couples therapy, and individual counseling can provide a safe place to explore more private issues or the potentialities of a difficult decision. We listen carefully to your needs and design a unique program to support you in realizing or developing your goals. Having the full attention and emotional presence of a trained therapist can be life-changing.

Couples Therapy

Most of us desire intimacy with our partners. We desire joy, fulfillment, love, passionate meaningful sex, and a deep connection. Once the endorphins of the honeymoon "high" have worn off, we are faced with a choice: move on to another partner, shut down and settle, or transform. No matter how sophisticated we may be in other ways, most of us have not been well educated in the art and science of intimacy. When things go flat in the bedroom, both partners need to be willing to develop emotionally and spiritually in order to create new skills and understandings if the relationship is going to shift. We have not been taught how challenging and difficult this process can be, so that when we are called upon by life to do this work, we think that something has gone wrong. We do not realize that we have not gone off our path, this is our path.

When couples want more juice and passion in their lives, they need to learn more about their feelings. Learning to locate, express, and receive feelings is the foundation of our work and it’s a challenging skill to learn. We must go to the razor’s edge. It requires emotional and spiritual growth, commitment and integrity. The good news is that, for those willing to put in the effort, the old patterns then can be transformed into creative practices that support expansion and improve our lives.

This journey includes the work of reclaiming our birthright to intimacy, recreating our sexualities, and learning to transform our lovemaking into sacred sexuality. This process of waking up and transforming our relationships and ourselves is what we call the art and science of Conscious Relationship. It is what we practice and teach. It is what we live.

Sex Therapy:

This is a process which places sexual issues in the larger context of the relationship. Couples reach sexual gridlock when they have lost emotional and spiritual connection. People want sex when sex is worth wanting. Sex is not worth wanting when it has become scripted, mechanical, disconnected, and meaningless. Sex Therapy supports a couple in making sex worth wanting by creating the emotional intimacy which only happens when both partners “show up” with presence, heart, and their best and highest energies.

Shamanic Healing (offered by Deb Feintech)

Shamanic Journeying ~ Extractions
Power Animal Retrievals ~ Soul Retrievals

The roots of shamanism are ancient and global. Shamanism is a practice based upon the understanding that all of nature is filled with spirit. When anything in nature, including humans, is wounded, part of that living being may be lost. Guided by spirit, the shamanic practitioner seeks these lost parts and returns them to their rightful owner. The return of these lost soul parts greatly empowers the client to proceed in life with a healed, fuller sense of self. Shamanic healing can be a powerful tool in healing past and present trauma. It is particularly helpful in conjunction with counseling.